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Аниме "Наруто" ("Naruto")
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Аниме "Наруто" ("Naruto")

Аниме "Наруто" ("Naruto")
Наруто [ТВ] [2002]
NARUTO ~ナルト~
NARUTO -ナルト-

Производство: Япония
Жанр: боевые искусства, приключения, комедия, боевик
Тип: ТВ (>191 эпизод), 23 мин.
Трансляция: с 03.10.2002
Режиссёр: Датэ Хаято
Автор оригинала: Кисимото Масаси

Краткое содержание:
В сериале «Наруто» рассказ ведётся о начинающих ниндзя, только-только окончивших академию и получивших «удостоверения» в виде повязок. Сразу же после окончания герои попадают во множество переделок и опасных ситуаций, находят друзей, встречают врагов.

В каком порядке лучше смотреть эту серию:
#1 Наруто [ТВ] - ТВ (>191 эпизод), экранизация манги, 2002
#2 Наруто: Спецвыпуск 1 - OAV (1 эпизод), дополнение к сериалу, 2003
#3 Наруто: Спецвыпуск 2 - OAV (1 эпизод), дополнение к сериалу, 2003
#4 Наруто (фильм первый) - п/ф, дополнение к сериалу, 2004
#5 Наруто: Спортивный фестиваль Конохи - к/ф, приложение к первому фильму, 2004
#6 Наруто (фильм второй) - п/ф, дополнение к сериалу, 2005
#7 Наруто OVA - OAV (1 эпизод), дополнение к сериалу, 2005

001. Enter, Naruto Uzamaki
002. I Am Konohamaru!
003. Rivals?! Sasuke and Sakura
004. The Trial! Survival Training
005. Failure? Kakashi's Conclusion
006. Important Mission! Heading into the Country of the Wave
007. The Assassin of the Mist!
008. Decision Sworn on Pain
009. Kakashi the Sharingan User
010. The Forest of Chakra
011. The Country That Had a Hero
012. Decisive Battle on the Bridge! Zabuza Returns!!
013. Haku's Secret Technique: Demonic Mirrors of Ice Crystal
014. No. 1 at Surprising People, Naruto Joins the Battle!
015. The Fight in Zero Visibility: The Sharingan Crumbles
016. The Released Seal
017. The White Past: The Hidden Feelings
018. A Tool Called Shinobi
019. Zabuza Disperses into the Snow...
020. Enter the New Chapter! It's the Chuunin Exam
021. Identify Yourselves! The Powerful Enemies That Have Arrived
022. 120% Spirited! Rocking Challenge Right Now!
023. Defeat the Rivals! The Rookie Nine All Assembled!
024. I Fail Already? The Extremely Difficult First Exam
025. This is it! The Last Stand, Question #10
026. Must Watch! Report Before Entering the Forest of Death! It's Konohamaru's School Newspaper!
027. The Second Exam Starts! Surrounded Completely by Enemies!
028. Eat or be Eaten! Naruto Becomes Bait
029. Naruto Strikes Back! I'm Not Going to Run Away!
030. Revive, Sharingan! Finish Move - Fire Element, Dragon Fire Technique!
031. Super Eyebrow Platonic! I Will Protect You to the Death!!
032. Sakura Blooms! The Back of Determination
033. The Ultimate Formation! Ino Shika Chou!!
034. Akamaru Surprised! Gaara's Exceptional Ability
035. Absolutely No Peeking! The Secret of the Scroll
036. Replication Match! I'm the Main Character!
037. Second Exam Completed! All of Them are Here, the Rookie Nine!
038. Those Who Pass Cut Down to Half!? It's an Unexpected Fight!!
039. Super Eyebrows Jealous! "Lion Combo" is Born!
040. A Touch-and-Go Situation!! Kakashi vs. Orochimaru
041. Rivals Clash! The Hearts of the Girls are in Serious Mode
042. The Best Battle is All Right, Damn it!!
043. Shikamaru Staggers!? Female Ninja's Heated Battle
044. Akamaru Joins the Fight!! Which One Will Be the Underdog?
045. Hinata Blushes! The Crowd Open Their Mouths Wide, Naruto's Trump Card
046. Byakugan Unleashed!! The Shy Hinata's Daring Determination!
047. In Front of the Person I Admire!!
048. Gaara Crushed!! It's Youth! Power! And Explosion!
049. Hot-Blooded Dropout! Finally Unleashed, the Forbidden Master Move!
050. Aah, Rock Lee! This is What a Man Should Be Like!!
051. The Shadow That Stirs in the Darkness. Danger Approaches Sasuke!
052. Ebisu Returns! I Will Not Allow Shamelessness!
053. Coming Soon! Enter the Perverted Hermit!
054. Transmitted Directly From the Perverted Hermit: It's the Summoning Technique!!
055. Painful Feeling, The Single Flower with a Wish in it
056. Life or Death!? Mastering the Move is Life Threatening!
057. Fly! Jump! Dive! Gama Oyabun Appears!
058. The Evil Hand Sneaks Near! The Targetted Hospital Room
059. Furious, Intense Chase, and Aggressive Dash, The Main Matches Begin!
060. Byakugun vs. Kage Bunshin! I'm Going to Win!!
061. Zero Blindspots! Another Absolute Defense
062. The Dropout's Hidden Power!
063. Disqualified?! Danger! Moving Ahead of Schedule! The Main Tournament with Troubles!
064. The Clouds are Nice... The Guy with No Interest
065. Clash! The Moment Konoha (Leaf) Dances and Sand Wriggles
066. The Man Who Calls Up a Storm!! Sasuke's Fuzzy Eyebrow Style Combat Move!
067. I Wasn't Late For Nothing! Ultimate Move - Chidori Revealed!!
068. "The Destruction of Konoha" Begins!
069. I've been Waiting for This! It's an A-Rank Mission!
070. Coward No. 1 - It's Troublesome, But I've Got to Do It!!
071. Absolutely Incomparable! A Hokage-Level Battle
072. The Hokage's Mistake - The True Face Under the Mask
073. Forbidden Master Technique! "Shiki Fuujin"
074. Astonishment! Gaara's True Identity
075. Exceeding the Limit... Sasuke's Decision!!
076. Assassin Under the Moonlight
077. Light and Darkness, the Name Gaara
078. Explosion! These are the Naruto Ninja Chronicles!!
079. Go Over the Limit! ~Light and Dark~
080. The Third, Forever....!!
081. The Homecoming in the Morning Mist
082. Sharingan vs. Sharingan
083. Ohh, Noo! Jiraiya's Woman Trouble, Naruto's Misfortune
084. Growl Chidori, Roar Sasuke!
085. Foolish Little Brother, Have a Grudge, Hate!
086. Training Begins, I Will Definitely Get Stronger!
087. Will Power!!! Pop That Water Balloon!
088. The Mark of Konoha and the Forehead Protector
089. Ripple
090. Exploded Anger! I Won't Forgive You
091. The First Hokage's Inheritance, The Necklace That Calls Upon Death
092. Yes or No! Tsunade's Answer
093. Negotiations Broken Down
094. Eat it! Ransengan of Anger!
095. The Fifth Hokage, The Battle That She Bets Her Life On!
096. Three-Way Deadlock Battle
097. Naruto's Hot Spring Experience!
098. Quit Being a Ninja! Tsunade's Notice
099. The One Who Inherits The Dying Wish of Fire
100. Strong Teacher-Student Bonds ~When A Man Breaks The Ninja Way~
101. Want to Look, Know, and Confirm Kakashi-sensei's Face
102. New Mission Has Arrived. Save Justice, Human Hearts, and the Country of Tea!
103. Naruto Sunk?! The Big Ocean with a Swirling Plot
104. Run, Idate! The Stormy, Trouble-Filled Nagi Island!!
105. Almost to the Goal! A Thunder Roaring Big Battle
106. Will You Make It, Idate! The Never-Give-Up Last Spurt!!
107. I want to fight you! Finally They Clash, Sasuke VS Naruto
108. The Unseen Crack
109. The Invitation From The Sound
110. Konoha Five + One
111. Invincible Formation Goes In Force!
112. Suddenly a Fight Among the Group!? Shikamaru`s Squad in Big Danger
113. Full power opening! Burning Chouji
114. Good bye, friend...! Even so, I believe
115. Your opponent is me!
116. It`s Naruto Again This Year!
117. The Raging Battle Between the Cool Guys!
118. Get back! The container that didn`t make it in time
119. Mistake! A new enemy
120. Growl! Howl! The Ultimate Tag
121. Our Separate Battles
122. Fake! Shikamaru The Man, Who Bets on The Revival of The Dead
123. Konoha`s Green Beast Appears
124. The Beast Explodes! Burst, Blow, and Break Through
125. Allies of Konoha! The Shinobi of the Sand!
126. Showdown of the strongest! Gaara vs. Kimimaro!!
127. Hold it, Sasuke!
128. Finally caught up with Sasuke and raising hell
129. Itachi and Sasuke. An existence too far apart
130. Father and Son. The Cracked Family Crest
131. Enlightenment. The secret of Mangekyou Sharingan
132. Close Friend!
133. Tearful Yell! You are my Friend
134. The Conclusion of the Rain of Tears
135. Broken Promise
136. Infiltration Investigation!? The Super-S Class Mission Which Has Finally Come!
137. Town of Outlaws. Shadow of the Fuumaa Group
138. The Promise Betrayed, The Fleeting Request
139. Fear! Orochimaru`s Mansion
140. Two Beats, Kabuto`s Trap
141. Sakura`s Determination
142. Three Villians of the Strictly Guarded Facility
143. Run TonTon! We are Relying on Your Nose
144. Rebirth of the Three Man Team, Two People and One Animal
145. Explosion! New Formation InoShikaChou
146. Leftover Ambitions Orochimaru`s Shadow
147. Showdown of Fate! I Will Defeat You
148. Akamaru Jealous of it`s Ability to Pursue! Find the Phantom Bikou Insect
149. Where is it Different? The Insect`s Seem to Look the Same?
150. To Decieve and Confuse and be Decieved! Grand Insect Big Battle
151. Burn Byakugan! This is My Way of the Ninja
152. A Funeral March With Students
153. Reach for The Heart! Fist of Love
154. Natural Enemy of the Byakugan
155. Creeping Dark Clouds
156. Raiga's Counterattack!
157. Run! It's the Curry of Life!
158. Everyone come with me! The Survival Scheme of Sweat and Tears
159. Friend or Foe!? Bounty Hunter of the Wilderness
160. Take Or Be Taken?! Showdown at the OK Corral
161. A Welcome Visitor's Meeting Green Beast? Beast of Prey? ...Peculiar Beast?
162. White Cursed Warrior
163. Machinator - Koumei's expectation
164. The late supporter
165. Naruto dies
166. The time that is left stopped
167. The time the white heron flaps it's wings
168. Burn Zundou! Mix, Stretch and Boil it up!
169. Remembrance, The lost page
170. Impact, The closed door
171. Sneaking, The planned trap
172. Despair, The broken heart
173. Sea Battle, The released power
174. NO WAY! Celebrity Ninpou: Jutsu of Gold Element
175. Dig Here, Woof Woof! Search for the Buried
176. Zigzag Run! Chase it Chasing it Mistaken it
177. OH!? Please ♥ Mister Postman
178. Encounter, The boy that has a name of "Star"
179. Natsuhiboshi (Summer day’s star), Remembered Lullaby
180. Secret Technique, Compensation of Kujaku Myouhou
181. Hoshikage, The Buried Truth
182. Meeting again, it's time to leave

Источник: http://www.world-art.ru

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люди дайте ссылку где можно скачать мангу о наруто

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Скажите а можно найти в Украине диск "Наруто"?Очень надо!

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Где можно достать Наруто на русском happy

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Наруто рулит!!Я сегодня 183 эпизод смотрел!

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